Sunday, May 27, 2012

Post Op Day 1

Poor Will has had the hiccups all day. He can't feel anything, but they make me cringe because of the idea of hiccuping with an open chest!

Today hasn't been stellar, but not terrible. He is being put on dialysis now, which is expected. Of course, with how well he was doing we kept thinking he could get by without, but we can only ask so much of him. He is very puffy and the dialysis will help the swelling, because they are still aiming to close his chest tomorrow. If the swelling doesn't go down enough, they'll have to put it off another day. I am very anxious to get his chest closed for many reasons: it will greatly decrease the likelihood of infection, and once it is closed they can start letting him wake up. I am so excited to get to see his beautiful eyes again. This will be such a big step in his recovery from the Norwood.

His sats were just slightly low for a while, but they are better now. His heart rate is higher, but not bad. They gave him some blood and expect it to go down a little more. His cardiac output is great.

I felt like I got slapped in the face at rounds today. The doctor was talking about how Will was doing so well, all his numbers look good, and they are all very pleased. Then he added, "of course he is still critically ill, but he is doing well for being in this situation." He didn't say it in a rude way, it's just a matter of fact. This shook me up a lot, because everything is going so well... I suppose I just forgot that he is actually critically ill, even if he is doing well.  It makes me thankful once again to be in such a great place.  There is no way he would be doing this well if it weren't for his wonderful medical team. 

On that note I must add that I have a newfound respect and admiration for nurses.  The nurses here in the CICU work 12 hour shifts, and are running non-stop to keep on top of Will's care.  Despite what I would consider a VERY high stress level, they manage to all keep a friendly, kind and patient attitude throughout their shift.  So to all of the nurses out there, I say THANK YOU!

Will's puffy little feet.

Ready to have my baby boy back!

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