Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Due Date

Today is my original due date.  It is really incredible how far we have come already.  Will is still showing us his strength and determination every day.  Words really cannot express how proud we are of our son.

They are starting to wean William off of the vent today.  They have turned down his mechanical breaths from 20 to 16, and he is triggering a lot on his own.  He is breathing around 20-22 breaths a minute, which means about 4-6 of them are his.  I'm very optimistic that he will be extubated by tomorrow, because he has been a strong breather from the minute he was born.

His foley was taken out, and they've stopped his sedatives.  They did decide to leave his PICC line in another day.  We are really on the road to recovery.  The nurses and doctors have said to expect to take one step forward, two steps back... we keep stepping forward, and I know that it is Will's spirit and fight propelling us.  So, I believe we are the exception to that rule!   All of his numbers are great.  His sats are perfect, his heartrate is down (which makes me feel like he is much more relaxed and comfortable), and his blood pressure is good.  Go, William, go! 

Cuddly boy

Love our baby boy!

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