Saturday, May 26, 2012

Norwood Update 4

Sigh of relief.  Will is back in his room and we are with him now.  The surgery was a complete success, and Dr. Manning was very pleased.  The reconstruction went just as planned, and he did great coming off of bypass.  It was a lot harder to see him afterwards than we expected, but it is comforting to know that he is sleeping through this.  He feels nothing, and will remember nothing.  I am a little jealous of that!  All of his numbers are perfect right now.  The nurse warned us that all babies in his situation run into a rough patch about 8 hours out from surgery.  She said she can guarantee it will happen and they are prepared and ready to adjust his medicines to control it.  All of the nurses here are so nice, we have loved them all.  He has a nurse all to himself for the next few days.  It is good to know that he is under 24/7, 1 on 1 care from them.  They are all extremely attentive, and patient with the parents who have a lot of questions!  We feel so happy about our decision to bring Will here to Cinci Children's.  Even the doctors all have wonderfully kind bedside manner and I am just so impressed with our experience so far.

His nurse explained all of the medicines, lines, tubes, etc... surprisingly we understood and remembered them!  I think we are catching on to this.  It is amazing to see the way all these different pieces come together in his treatment.  There is so much to learn, it seems hard to imagine how someone put the puzzle together to be able to treat a condition like HLHS.  How incredible it is that these people are able to overcome an otherwise fatal condition.  And Jared and I will never be able to show enough appreciation for all of the nurses and doctors here who keep it all together.

They just did rounds, and the doctor said William is doing as expected, which is good.  We know tonight will be rough, but at least we are prepared for that.  We are hoping for an uneventful day tomorrow.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your prayers and positive thoughts.  They really helped bring not only William, but all of us through this difficult day.  It was so comforting to know how many people were thinking about him all day long.

Will and his "stuff"

So handsome... what tubes?  He shines right through them.

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