Monday, May 28, 2012

Mama knows best

After the chest closure, we've been anxiously awaiting the moment when Will wakes up.  We weren't quite sure when it would be.  We were discussing plans to shower/sleep/eat for the evening, and I was just afraid to leave for long because I did not want to miss him opening his eyes.

Casually, I mentioned that I thought the light was too bright, and once it was darker out he would be more comfortable to wake up.  Megan said I could turn the lights off.  I turned them off and turned around... My wonderful baby boy responded by opening his beautiful eyes and looking right at me!  It was the most amazing experience! 

He woke up pretty well, moved his arms and legs around a bit, but has settled back down.  It's obvious he is still very sedated, but he spent a lot of time looking back and forth at Mom and Dad before he started drifting off.

I was very excited to share this story, because it was a very special mom moment for me.

Will is still doing fantastic and still blowing everyone away with his strength.

My little blackbird.

Back to sleep

You may be strong, Will, but Dad still wins at thumb wars for now!

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