Monday, August 20, 2012

Waiting game

In case I haven't said this- it is pretty clear by now that we are not going home until after his Glenn. We have been here a week (not counting the five days before this stay) and there is just no way he will be able to go home until they take a load off of his heart. That is why we are going to go ahead and transfer to Cincinnati this week. He is still so young for the Glenn, but not impossibly young. Today the on call card is trying to get in touch with his surgeon. I already spoke with one of our favorite cardiologists there, who said we are welcome any time. It's better they observe there so they will have a better, first hand idea of why is happening.

We cannot wait to be post-Glenn. Life will be "easy." We will be allowed to go places and show off our baby boy! We won't need to see the cardiologist every week! We will have officially avoided the dreaded interstage mortality statistics! Oh yes, this post- Glenn world is going to be one to be appreciated.

He is on 3/4 liter of oxygen, and Sats are okay. He still has occasional dips. Come on Glenn!

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