Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Prayers, please

Our family has been, and continues to be so blessed by William. We were fortunate to watch our sweet boy breeze through the most complicated pediatric surgery and recover quicker than expected. We were amazed at how soon we were able to bring him home. We enjoy and appreciate every snuggle, every kiss, every cry, every poopy diaper. Our son is in the midst of conquering an often fatal heart defect. He is showing resilience and strength that one could hardly expect from an adult, and he is just an infant. We are blessed. We are lucky. We are thankful.

We still have a long way to go.

But today I ask for prayers for families who are hurting. For those who despair. For the heart warriors who remain in the hospital. And for those who have gone to heaven to become angels. It can not be put into words what it is like to fear for your child's life. To be unsure if they will live or die. Jared and I still face this every day. I ask you to pray for peace. Pray for hope. Pray for reasons to laugh and rejoice. Pray for miracles.

After you do, please hug and kiss your own babies and thank God that they are there with you. Thank Him for every breath that they take. Appreciate every moment you have with them, even when they upset you. Even when you are frustrated with them. Even when you just want one minute to yourself. This is one thing I will never forget to do, and I hope you will remember this, too.

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