Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Moving right along

One of the first things the doctors told us after Will's diagnosis was that we could expect a lot of developmental delays. Heart babies tend to take a lot longer to reach milestones.

One of the first things I learned after meeting Will, was that you can't tell him what he can and can't do.

At seven weeks, he is developmentally advanced. He has been smiling since four weeks, he holds his head steady and today he did a "baby push up" during tummy time. Our sweet boy amazes me more and more every day.

And did I mention he has taken his last three meals entirely by bottle?

Yes, I am bragging.

He had a chest X-ray last week, and everything looks great. On the X-ray you can see his tube, and the wires holding his sternum shut. So strange! Dr. Kavanaugh is trying to schedule his cath for August/september. I am not sure if I feel ready to hand him over to the doctors again, but I will be so glad to get the Glenn over with.

He is 9 1/2 lbs now. He needs to be about 11-12 for the Glenn.

Such a big, strong boy... He makes his parents so proud and happy every day!

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