Monday, July 2, 2012

Making it look easy

At our card appointment, Dr. Kavanaugh told Will he makes being a hypoplast look easy. She is still getting to know him but quickly learning what a super star he is.

I told her it is so easy to forget there is even anything wrong with him... She said,"Well don't do that." Another reality check. No matter how "normal" he may seem, our sweet boy is still in a critical period.

Caring for him is a balancing act, and while we usually are right where we need to be, it is easy to tip. For example, I have been pushing to get him off any meds he doesn't need to be on. We were able to lower one from three times a day, to two. He did great. So the Dr. Said we could lower to once a day, and if he did well with that, we could stop it. He didn't do well with it. We are back up to twice a day. Like I said, a balancing act. Finding the right combination of care to keep him safe, stable, and happy.

Mostly, though, Will is still doing fantastic. Today, we expect to be discharged from our home care nurse, but are trying to get home care OT and speech therapy.

Will has been very smiley lately. His smiles lights up our whole world. He is perfect.

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  1. I think it speaks volumes that you all do get to have moments where you forget. It is *so* good to read that Will is doing well and I continue to pray that he will keep chugging along at his steady pace.

    Also- look at those chubby arm rolls!! Our Lincoln never did get those ;)

    Keep on truckin' Cotterman family!