Monday, December 17, 2012

A few updates!

You know what they say, no news is good news. I've been meaning to update for a while but I've been happily caught up in the busy and rewarding job of being William's mom. He is 6 months going on 60, wiser than his "months".

We had a quick trip to the ER a few weeks ago. It was a weekend and Will wasn't wetting diapers and was pulling on his ear. Sure of an ear infection, but concerned about dehydration, we rushed to Vanderbilt. We got a room and he was hooked up to leads, which gave me a chance to see his HR and Sats for a few hours, which was nice. He wasn't dehydrated. I was grateful because he didn't have to have an IV! He was so good for the doctor who confirmed an ear infection and gave him antibiotics. We were there about six hours total and were home in time for the bedtime routine.

Will is still in physical therapy, and doing well. He has a few things to work on to stay caught up. He is also starting feeding therapy tomorrow, because he is still primarily tube fed. He has started solids, though, and is doing reasonably well with those. We are anxious for help, however, since we have never had to tube wean a baby!

Christmas is just around the corner and Will has been very good. Santa will be spoiling him for sure! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

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