Monday, November 5, 2012

Ready for the holidays

Hello friends.

Since I last posted, William has caught up developmentally and is now exactly where he should be a five months old!

That was the good news. The not so good news is that he has been sick for a week now! Nothing serious- his first cold. But any sickness can turn bad quickly for him so I am monitoring his Sats more, checking his temperature several times a day, listening to his lungs and having Tylenol ready. He has had a few minor fevers, and some other symptoms where I was ready to head to the doctor, but I've spoken to the pediatrician and cardiologist. With some pedialyte and the close monitoring I'm doing we've managed to stay home. We are skipping physical therapy and staying home until his is 100% better.

At this point we are just looking forward to the holidays. It's hard to believe they are coming so quickly. I definitely remember many times wondering if William would be with us, so this year they will be extra special in so many ways.

Please pray that this cold is as bad as it gets as we enter cold and flu season, as anything worse could be very difficult for his heart.

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