Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baptism and milestones

Will's baptism went great. He was so well behaved. He say through the whole service quietly playing with toys, then fell asleep right before he was baptized (which he mostly slept through). It was wonderful to get to see family and friends from out of town.

Will has suddenly reached a lot of milestones. He is reaching for and playing with toys, and he sat unassisted at his OT evaluation yesterday. Still waiting on results for that. He was tired and not completely cooperating. Lying on his back he would not reach for the toys (even though he can) and would just wait or her to put them on his chest to start playing. Some things he did not demonstrate, I showed her pictures and videos. I don't know if they count when you do them that way but it was worth a shot.

Will is still not eating well. We are pretty positive one of his heart meds is affecting his appetite. If he gets very hungry he will eat just enough to not feel hungry (half and ounce or so) and stop. So we know he is able to eat and also associates hunger with needing to eat a bottle. That's all very good. Hopefully once he gets off some meds he will feel better.

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  1. He reminds me a little of Lauren when she was his age! I'm so glad his baptism went well and he is reaching milestones!