Sunday, June 3, 2012

Slow days are good days.

Today is a slow day for Will, and that means it's a good day for us. This morning, I got to hold him for two hours. It was wonderful and peaceful. He was very cuddly and slept the whole time. Around eleven he had a bath, which he hated. After that I had my first time bottle feeding him (the nurses had done it up until then), but he was very upset from the bath so it did not go very well. We tried for about twenty minutes, but the nurse said you never want to push it too long. I'm ready to try again when he is. He is starting to recognize hunger and wake up around feeding time, which is a good sign at least. His nurse ordered him a crib, so now he is sleeping soundly in that.

Right before lunch, my parents brought our dogs to see us. I had not seen them or been outside in eleven days! So Grandma and Grandpa sat with Will, and we sat in the grass with our dogs for a while.

Now we are watching a movie and all three of us are feeling pretty good.

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