Sunday, June 24, 2012

Loving it

We have been in Nashville for a week now. It feels so good to be home and settled into a routine. William is doing great. He saw his home care nurse, pediatrician, and cardiologist in one week... Busy guy! He is gaining weight every day and finally hit 8 pounds on his one month birthday! He is still wearing his newborn clothes but I'm sure at this rate he will outgrow them quickly! Our home care nurse said if he gains weight well for three weeks she can discharge us to just our weekly card visits.

Cincinnati has already scheduled our pre-Glenn cath and we are waiting to hear from them to find out the date. Can't believe they are already planning his next surgery. I'm not looking forward to being back in the hospital, but the Glenn is a much less complex surgery, with a recovery period of about a week if there are no complications. Also, everyone says life is much better after the glenn, because we won't need to weigh him or check his Sats every day, and we should be able to lose the ng tube (if we haven't already). Life has been so wonderful here the past week with all the cuddling we have gotten in, it's hard to picture it being any better. I think mainly life will just be easier for him - his heart won't be working as hard.

Eating has been a "struggle". I put it in quotes because we focus on staying relaxed and positive about it, even though it isn't going the way we want. Struggle seems to imply crying and frustration and we don't have that. Will averages 15-30 ml a bottle, out of 70. The most he has taken is 40. We have a long way to go still. A positive for Jared and me is that he sleeps through the night (10pm-6am) and is awake a lot during the day.

I'm glad I haven't had much to update. Things are slow and easy here, just the way we want it!

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