Sunday, February 19, 2012

Brief update

   Thankfully, we have nothing but good news here.  After a few more appointments, we have just a few more things to report. 
    Will's birth will be scheduled between May 21st-24th.  I will go in the night before, and they will try to get things moving.  Their goal is to have him arrive at a time when Children's hospital is fully staffed, which is why we have it narrowed down.  They want him to be born at 39 weeks, during the day, Monday through Thursday.  We will schedule his exact day around 34 weeks once we get a better idea of how things are going.  At this point we are not expecting a C-section!
   After he is born, assuming he is stable, we will get a short period to spend with him.  Within two hours he will be put in an ambulance to head over to Children's.  Jared will get to go with him (again, assuming he is stable).  I am trying to accept the fact that I will not be allowed to go.  Dr. Habli (the perinatologist) said that she expects everything to be somewhat "normal" immediately following his birth.  By that I mean no immediate complications.  She has delivered many HLHS babies, and said usually the only concern at the point which she is involved, is that HLHS babies tend to be a little small.  They will monitor his growth to the best of their ability up until he is born. Otherwise everything involving his birth is expected to be fairly "routine," considering the circumstances.  My parents and I liked Dr. Habli a lot.  She has a very positive outlook, as did all the cardiologists at Children's.  We feel very lucky to have such a good team on our side. 
   We still feel like a lot is up in the air at this point, but we are becoming more and more prepared by the day.  I think Jared will agree with me when I say that I am now just very anxious and excited to meet our little boy.  A lot of the fear and "dread" that I was feeling regarding his condition has gone away now that we have more information and some good doctors who truly believe our little boy is going to be okay.  I have definitely come to feel very blessed by William, because I know that he was meant to be my child and things were meant to be this way.  We are learning so much and I just realize how much more appreciative we are now of all the little things.  I will admit we have found so many positives that I never expected in a situation like this.  Of course, we would rather his heart be whole, but a lot of good is coming from this little boy.  He is ready to inspire the world with his strength and his smile.  I can't imagine my life being any other way already, and he is not even here yet.
   Besides my routine care, our next step is another echocardiogram.  This is expected to be the last one before he is born.  I am hoping nothing has changed (unless for the better of course).  This will be mid-March, and we will be meeting with the surgeon this day as well.  His name is Dr. Manning and we have heard good things about him.  I am sure I will have another update after that.
  Thank you all for your continuing prayers and thoughts for Will.  He has all the heart he needs, because he has ours as well.  What a very lucky boy.

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  1. I saw you blog on facebook from Eric Deters and wanted to get in contact with you. My son, Peyton is HPLH. We first want to say that my wife and I will be praying for you guys and William. Dr Manning is AWESOME!!! He has saved Peyton's life and Dr. Beekman is his cardiologist and is AWESOME too!!! We actually just got discharged today for a precedure that Dr. Beekman did yesterday. Peyton has had all 3 stages and is 8yrs old now. We know that this is a scary sitiuation and not knowing things or unsure of what to expect stinks!! Melissa (my wife) is so knowledgable with this syndrome. I want you to know if we can help with any help answering questions about things that will happen email me @ I know that doctors tell you things but sometimes it is nice to have someone that has been through it. Let me know. Praying for you guys!!! Corey